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Installation and setup of FreeBSD.

Setting Up RAID1 with GEOM on FreeBSD 8.1

After doing a default install I need to mirror my root hard drive. In the past I would have used ATA or CCD (Concatenated Disk Driver). I also have used Vinum which is a logical volume manager similar to Varitas … Continue reading

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Upgrading from FreeBSD 6.2 to FreeBSD 6.4

I have been slack about keeping my BSD server up to date. I have a replacement box ready to install FreeBSD 7, but I noticed that 7.1 is about ready to move to RELEASE and 8 should be out shortly. … Continue reading

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Making a Custom Kernel

update source tree To update your system, you should check /usr/src/UPDATING for any pre-buildworld steps necessary for your version of the sources and then use the following procedure: make -j4 buildworld make buildkernel make installkernel reboot Note: The -j4 switch … Continue reading

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Install Gnome 2.14 for FreeBSD

This information comes from FreeBSD/Gnome FAQ There are two ways to install GNOME 2.14 on FreeBSD. One way is to use packages, and the other way is to use ports. Before doing either installation, you should first familiarize yourself with … Continue reading

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