FreeBSD 6 as guest OS on VMWare

VMWare Install Notes:

{Early notes} I was having clock problem and one of these solved it.

Gordon Rayburn reported that:

“I was getting “calcru: runtime went backwards” errors until sysctl.conf was updated with “kern.timecounter.hardware=TSC”. Timecounter was using two clocks, the VPC clock and the host system clock. I chose the TSC clock as it was reported as slower than the ACPI-safe clock. I figured (guessed) that it was better to use the slower clock as I have my VPC setup to use less cpu when off-focus of the guest o/s”

Matthew Swinbourne writes that, if you notice the clock running very quickly, then

“..if you set kern.timecounter.hardware=i8254 in /etc/sysctl.conf and reboot or set it via the cmd line “sysctl kern.timecounter.hardware=i8254″ it slows down to normal time”

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