Changing UID and Shell in Leopard

Since Netinfo was replaced by Directory Services in Leopard there are several user based tweaks that I like to do. This had not been a problem on my Mac Pro since I did an upgrade, but I just got a new MacBook with a fresh install of Leopard. Now there are several user based tweaks I like to make. I change my UID to my standard one; it makes file sharing and remote work much easier. I am also a tcsh user. So there are two ways to adjust this sans NetInfo

1) GUI — Go to System Preferences > Accounts and right click (control-click) on the user you wish to modify. An advance window will appear and you can make changes here.

2) CLI — su – to root and run dscl

su –
dscl localhost
cd /Local/Default/Users

You can see all users by doing an ls and you can see the attributes of the users by catting the user (e.g. cat someuser ). Man dscl and man 8 DirectoryServices will give more info on changing attributes.

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