Updating FreeBSD 6.0 to FreeBSD 6.1

Preliminary Work

1) First make sure that you have cvsup installed

pkg_add -r cvsup-without-gui

2) Setup your standard-supfile to update to the Release English 6.1 Sources

cp /usr/src/share/examples/cvsup/standard-supfile ~/

3) Edit the standard-supfile file:

vi standard-supfile


*default release=cvs tag=RELENG_6_0


*default release=cvs tag=RELENG_6_1

Also make sure that you edit the

*default host=CHANGE_THIS.FreeBSD.org

to the mirror that you want to use.

Updating your Source Tree

1) Download and install your new sources

cvsup -g -L 2 standard-supfile

2) Be sure to read /usr/src/UPDATING.

Installing New Sources

1) Build your world

cd /usr/src
make clean;make cleanworld
make buildworld

2) Back up your current kernel. If you have a custom kernel config, back it up, make a copy of the new GENERIC to your old custom config name, and then edit the new file since some things may have changed since the last time you updated. In the example below, our custom kernel config is MYKERNEL.

cd /usr/src/sys/i386/conf/

3) Build and install the new kernel.

cd /usr/src
make buildkernel KERNCONF=MYKERNEL
make installkernel KERNCONF=MYKERNEL
mergemaster -p

Mergemaster checks to see if any critical files need updated to ensure the rest of the process will work smoothly. Just follow the prompts and PAY ATTENTION to what its asking you. Do not just overwrite files or you may lose users, groups etc.

Now reboot and drop into single user mode:

shutdown -h now

and at the boot prompt, choose single user mode. On some systems you have to hit the SPACE bar and then enter boot -s at the prompt if you do not see an option.

At the shell prompt mount the disks and turn on swap

fsck -p
mount -u /
mount -a -t ufs
swapon -a

Install and run mergemaster again:

cd /usr/src
make installworld

This last run of mergemaster checks any other files that should be merged/updated due to the upgrade. Do the same as last time, pay attention.


At this point the system should be on the 6.1 release.  I then run:

portmanager -u -f

This rebuild all installed ports to ensure we are using all our new libs and installs.

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